Running and Obesity

June 26, 2013

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There could be little question in regards to the problem of the crisis of obesity which is having considerable impacts and costs for society as well as inducing argument over who ought to be meeting those expenses. On one side, society has a responsibility to its people, but an individual also has obligation to not be a burden on that society. As part of that could be a exercise program to reduce the risk of that load and its problems. Obesity is often a significant risk factor for a great deal of problems from osteoarthritis to diabetes to a number of cancers. Exercise will reduce that risk, and for some, running will be a part of that program.

However, as the main issue in unneccessary use injury is the cumulative strain on the tissues over and above what they can put up with, obesity will likely be a significant additional strain on those tissues beyond the load placed on them by the physical exercise. Obesity has been shown to have significant impacts on the foot and foot posture to further complicate this. The handling of a jogging plan for an individual wanting to loose excess weight will be complicated by those extra strains. Tactics will need to be put in place in training them the way to run appropriately, so the strain in any problematic tissue is minimized, or at least adapted to over an extended time period (more time that would normally be anticipated in a non-obese beginning runners). Feet supports are good short and long terms means to reduce stress in tissues which can be at risk for injuries.

It has been found that higher body weight is associated to higher muscle activity, that is going to likely put those tendons at risk of overuse injury if they are not adapted adequately. Nevertheless, another study found no correlation between BMI and running injury, however these were not beginning runners.


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